Monday, September 6, 2010

Astronomy Night at Palomar Mountain's Observatory Campground

This looks like a neat event for those interested in attending. I have copied the text below from the Cleveland National Forest Website.

An exciting amateur astronomy project occurs each summer and fall at Palomar Mountain's Observatory Campground. A group of amateur astronomers from all across Southern California bring the beauty and the awe of the night sky to more than a hundred non-astronomers at a location only two miles from the world renowned Palomar Observatory.

The Explore the Stars program provides visitors an opportunity to see views of the universe rarely seen by the public. Only a short drive from light-polluted Southern California cities brings you to the beauty of dark skies and the power of large telescopes provided by knowledgeable amateur astronomers. The Explore the Stars program provides an entertaining, educational, very memorable experience to visitors of all ages. For more information about the astronomy night click HERE.

Questions about this program may be directed to the Cleveland National Forest's Palomar Ranger District at (760) 788-0250.

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