Saturday, September 11, 2010

Fire While Hiking Sitton Peak

When Ashley and I hiked Sitton Peak recently we were confronted with a situation that we had faced only one other time while hiking in the Wilderness, a wild fire. The other time that happened the fire was not close nor did it appear to be close to the trail we would be taking home. However this time was different.

This fire on the other hand, from our vantage point at the top of Sitton Peak, looked very close to the trail we were taking back. In reality, the fire was a mile to two miles away from our route home. But even though it was not blocking or way back, this serves as a reminder to hikers to be ready for anything when you are hiking in the wilderness. When something unexpected happens always remember to stay calm and think through your options.

In this case we called 911 to report the fire and within 10 minutes of our call the first fire spotter aircraft was on scene. Within 20 minutes there were 5 planes and one helicopter fighting the fire. It was amazing to be hiking underneath the planes and watch the attack on the fire.

We later learned that the fire  began at a ranch. It was started by a lawn mower. I am not sure how many acres burned but I would guess it was less the 50 and that was attributable to the fast response time of the fire department. I want to share some of our photos with our readers.

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