Saturday, November 6, 2010

Orange County Native Plant Information (Part 2)

Here is some information about Native Plants that you may encounter on the trails while hiking in Orange County and Southern California

Canyon Dudleya: This is a hardy succulent that grows on rocky cliffs. Most local species have fleshy, pointed grey-green basal leaves in asymmetrical rosette. It usually has small pink or orange-red flower clusters never fully open. It blooms through summer and is found mainly on south or west facing sandstone boulders.

Cholla: This is part of the cactus family. It is easily recognized by its slender stems and short spreading branches. It is covered with spines. It has greenish yellow flowers and blooms April - June. This cactus is found in dry sunny areas.

Coastal Prickly Pear: This is part of the cactus family. It is a large, sprawling plant with flat fleshy pads. Spines protrude from points called areoles. The plant normally blooms in the summer. It has edible fruit which is reddish-purple and globular. It grows in Coastal Sage Scrub communities in open fields or slopes. The fruit is rich in fiber and vitamin C.

Miners Lettuce: This is a member of the purslane family. It is an annual succulent herb, that grows usually a few feet to a foot high. It is round, with bright green leaves completely surrounded stem. Several small white flowers usually cluster in the middle of the leaf. It is found growing in moist shady laces and is most evident in the spring or early summer. It is edible cooked or raw.

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  1. Where can I find the miner lettuce in orange county? Thank you.


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