Ashley and I want to welcome you to our hiking blog and we hope that you find it helpful in locating and learning about great hiking trails in Orange County, Southern California, and beyond. This site originally began as a personal blog in 2007 to inform family and friends of the hikes we did and as a way to share pictures with them of the places we visited. After a while, we started receiving comments from other hikers asking us about the trails that we had been hiking. Because of the comments, we decided to change the blogs format, in early 2009, into a true website that was designed to help people find trails and hikes in Southern California.  We began this blog long before we were married in 2012 and you can see the transition of our lives throughout this blog, from getting married, to having a family of our own.

What to expect: Brian and Ashley's Hiking Blog is a Site about Hiking in Orange County, Southern California, and beyond featuring detailed trail write-ups, trail maps, and advice on well over 140 different hikes. Our focus is primarily on the greater Southern California area, but as you will see when looking at our trail write-ups we have been branching out and expanding into new areas. We have trail write-ups for hikes in Yellowstone National Park, Yosemite National Park, Zion National Park, Mt. Whitney, and have trail write-ups for hikes in North Carolina and Kauai on our website. We plan on continuing to branch out and hike in new areas as well as explore new hiking locations in other National Parks. So if you are looking to find local trails in Orange County, Southern California, and beyond click on our Find a Hike Tab to get started. You can find us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter and can follow our adventures there as well.

On a personal Note: Hiking is a great relationship builder for those with significant others. Through our hiking experiences we have encountered numerous situations (The exhilaration of summitting the tallest mountains in California, to the surprise of summer thunderstorms while on a hike, to being on the volcanoes of Hawaii or the disappointment of not being able to reach your intended destination) that have helped build the character of our relationship. Brian in his regular day job is an attorney.  He graduated from Loyola Law School in 2011 and is currently a Partner at Freeman Mathis & Gary, in Orange County, California. Ashley in her regular day job is an English teacher.  She obtained her teaching credential at Cal State Fullerton in 2012.  We have been blessed with two beautiful children and currently live in Foothill Ranch, California.

Feel free to drop us an email anytime with questions, if you have a hike you would like to recommend, or if you have products that you would like for use to review (ABhikingblog@gmail.com). If you have a question, we are more than happy to answer it if we can. We sincerely hope you enjoy the information on our hiking blog and that it is a useful tool for you and your family on your outdoor adventures.  If you are looking for a Guest Posts or media press information, please let us know. We have done guests posts for Sports Chalet, Fun Orange County Parks, Just Spotted, Hotels Cheap, and more!  Over the years, we have been mentioned in media outlets such as CBS Los Angeles and KCET