Yellowstone National Park Hikes

Find a trail by using the Google map to zoom in on a marker or click on the trail from the table which contains all the hikes and links to the fully detailed page on ABHIKING describing the trails. Each marker in the Google map has a short description and also provides a link to the fully detailed page on ABHIKING describing that trail.  The markers are color coordinated: RED: indicates a strenuous hike, GREEN: indicates a moderate hike, BLUE: indicates an easier hike.

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Trail NameDistance MilesElevation GainDifficulty
Artist Paintpots1.2 Miles< 100Easy
Beaver Ponds Trail5.1 Miles350Easy - Moderate
Boiling River1< 100Easy
Ice Lake3< 100Easy
Lamar River Trail1250Easy
Lost Lake2.8300Easy
Mammoth Hot Springs1.8300Easy
Norris Geyser Basin1.5< 100Easy
Storm Point2.3< 100Easy
Tower Falls1300Easy
Trout Lake1.2200Easy
Upper Geyser Basin1 - 7MinimalEasy - Moderate
Yellowstone River Picnic Area Trail4250Easy - Moderate