Harding Truck Trail Re-Opens

The Harding truck trail in the Cleveland National Forest has now been re-open after 2 years of closure from the Santiago Fire. It is a great hiking trail with excellent vistas. The Orange County Register has an article on the trail here and it is worth the read. The Harding truck trail starts in Modjeska Canyon and can be taken all the way to the top of saddleback mountain. It is not the shortest or quickest route to the top but it is an option which makes the total round trip to the top and back about 26 miles.

A Nice stop off or other hiking option along this trail is to visit Laurel Springs ,which is about half way up. You can find our write up on this hike here.


  1. Ashley, this is David and Jennifer here, whom you met on your flight home from Atlanta to John Wayne in August. Long time no write! Thanks for a great site. Feel free to check out my new blog, started soon after we met at davidcostillo.blogspot.com. You can also find us on facebook. Let us know the next time you're going hiking and we beginners will join you! Great info, by the way on the Harding Truck Trail, one we've wanted to do for awhile. Happy Thanksgiving! D&J


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