Saturday, December 5, 2009

Winter Weather Coming

It appears that we have our first real set of weather coming to Southern California with the potential for rain from three storms next week. (picture above is off of Ortega Highway last year looking at Saddleback Mountain with snow)

The first system will be very cold and will bring snow levels down to 4000 ft or lower which means that Saddleback Mountain could get a dusting of snow on it. Last year we had a couple of cold weather systems and Ashley and I were able to hike sitton peak(approximately 3200ft) while there was still snow on the trail.
A great thing about hiking in the Cleveland National Forrest is that the hiking trails are still open after rain. The OC Parks system normally closes their parks for approximately 3 days after the rain to any type of trail use(Hiking, Bikes, Horses, ect).

Also, depending on the amount of rain we get, the waterfalls in the area might be worth visiting. I have links below to two hikes that we have done that have waterfalls. Another waterfall, Tenja Falls, is another option. We have not visited Tenja Falls yet, but it is the biggest in the San Mateo Canyon Wilderness and is located along the Tenja Falls Trail. I believe it is the biggest in Orange County at 150ft. We plan on visiting it sometime during the upcoming rainy season (obviously depending on the amount of rain we get this year). If you want more information about that waterfall here is a link.

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