Sunday, January 17, 2010

Blog Update

Brian and Ashley's Hiking Blog has some new features. We have made the way comments are done on the blog more user friendly. We have updated all of our trail maps with descriptive icons. We have also updated our master map on the right tool bar of the blog, along with much of our posts. We have tried to add more links with the goal of making our posts even more user friendly.
We are attempting to make it easier to follow the blog when we post new information or when other readers comment on the blog. To accomplish this we have done the following things:
  1. The Blog now has a recent comment section on the bottom right-hand tool bar. This way you can follow/see what other hikers are saying about a particular hike.
  2. Furthermore, we now have an option when you make a comment on a post, to receive a notification when another comment is made on the same post.
  3. In addition to the subscription section to our blog, on the bottom right-hand tool bar, we have added an additional section to make it much easier to follow our blog. You can now follow the blog, just by clicking on the icon that says FOLLOW. You will receive a notice every time a new post is placed on the blog.
  4. Lastly, now we are on Facebook! If you have a Facebook profile you can become a fan and also follow what is going on that way.
We hope these additions make reading about our trails and finding out what is happening on the blog much easier for our readers. As always, Have Fun on those Trails!

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