Tenaja Falls Hike Videos (Cleveland National Forest)

On Friday January 29, 2010, Ashley and I finally got a chance to hike to and see Tenaja Falls in the Cleveland National Forest. It is a 150 foot plus set of cascading waterfalls deep in the San Mateo Canyon Wilderness. This month Tenaja Falls had received 8 plus inches of rain and there was plenty of water a week after the rain storms moved through Southern California. Below are some videos from our hike to Tenaja Falls. To view our detailed trail write-up with directions to the trailhead and maps of the trail to hike to Tenaja Falls Here.

Crossing the River

Top of the Falls

First Part of Tenaja Falls

More of the First Part of Tenaja Falls

Middle and Lower Section of  Tenaja Falls

Middle Section of Tenaja Falls


  1. hello ashley and brian, im not seeing this hike on your list, i took my kiddos on your trail taneja falls, they loved it. so, i was looking and found another falls, its called grotto trail in malibu... its beautiful. if you havent been you should check it out :)

  2. Thanks for the tip! we will have to see it next rainy season.


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