ToastiToes Foot Warmers

A little while ago Ashley and I were sent samples, of ToastiToes Foot Warmers, to sample from a new Internet company called FootWarmers. We were provided with two versions, the regular foot warmer and the larger insole foot warmer. Since the weather in Southern California has just started to turn cold, we recently tested the products out on a hike.

Our first thoughts about the product when we opened them were very positive. Each one has adhesive so that you can stick the warmer to your socks or for the insole foot warmer for you to stick the foot warmer to the insole of your shoe. We tested the adhesive several times while hiking. If you needed to reposition your foot warmer you could probably do so 2 - 3 times. The adhesive on Toastitoes Foot Warmers, is a huge plus for their product and most of all the adhesive works well as they are not likely to slip while in use. The foot warmers are also correctly shaped to be placed in your shoes comfortably.

The product also provided the right amount of heat. They both lasted about  their designated time of heat generation. The smaller foot warmers say they last for up to 6 hours and the ones we used were warm for almost 6 hours. The larger insole foot warmer say they provide up to 9 hours of heat which was true to claim. (Note: we were not hiking for the full amount of time but checked in to see if the product was still generating heat)

The insole foot warmers are thin, so as not to make your hiking boot or shoes too cramped. I could see the potential for the insole foot warmer to cause your hiking boot or shoe to become cramped if you already had a tight fit, but for most hikers, I don't see it being a problem.

Overall, Ashley and I were very impressed with the ToastiToes Product. The adhesive on the product allows you to place the foot warmer for optimal comfort and they provide quality heat. The insole foot warmers are very unique as compared to other products we have seen and they work very well. Some other potential uses for the product would be placing them in your sleeping bag to warm it up while out camping or backpacking.

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