Saturday, January 29, 2011

All Terrain Product Review

Recently we were sent products from All Terrain to review for our readers. They sent us their Herbal Armor, one of their Sun Screens Kidsport, and their Natural Hand Sanz Sanitizer. Ashley and I had a chance to test these products out on our Flag Hill Hike. They were all amazing products. If you are looking for all natural environmentally friendly products to use, these are for you.

Natural Hand Sanz SanitizerAshley and I both loved the Natural Hand Sanz Sanitizer because it had moisturizing properties and did not leave your skin dry like some other products. It has a different feel than all the other hand sanitizer products we have used. It is is a nice compact bottle that you won't have to worry about spilling while on the trail. All Terrains Natural Hand Sanitizer Kills 99.9% of germs and bacteria. The price is also pretty good on this product.

All Terrain Herbal Armour: This is a 100% DEET-FREE product that uses only natural ingredients to repel insects. It claims to be clinically proven to be 100% effective for over two hours, 95.8% effective for three hours and 77.1% effective for four hours. Unique formula w/five natural essential oils. While on this hike we found it to live up to its reputation. We were on the hike for over 2 hours and had no issues with bugs while on our hike. The spray has a lemony smell that was not overpowering. This is an all natural product that doesn't have some of the problems of the chemical sprays. The price for a 4 once bottle of this is $7.99 on All Terrains website. We would both recommend this product for those looking for a natural way to repel insects on there hikes. 

All Terrain KidSport: Ashley and I also liked the sunscreen, we did not get sunburned or windburned while out on our Patriot Hill hike. All Terrain's sun protection products are designed to protect your skin naturally and are biodegradable. The best thing is the sunscreen was not greasy like others we have tried and once applied you are ready to go. It is sweat and water resistant. It offers a broad UVA/UVB protection.

About All Terrain: All Terrain's primary mission is to sell quality "Natural Remedies for Outdoor Enthusiasts." Environmentally conscious, All Terrain's products have all natural ingredients and their packaging is made from recycled material, recyclable and/or biodegradable. All Terrain strives in the long-term to operate in a "net zero consumption" manner (we have a long way to go on the front.)

An equally important mission is to increase awareness of environmental issues and to promote environmental conservation so that future generations can enjoy the same natural beauty we enjoy. We circulate a newsletter, Tread Softy, which discusses environmental topics and suggests how one can optimize their outdoor experience while minimizing the impact. All Terrain partners with like-minded retailers, its Environmental Partners, to increase awareness and education.

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