Monday, January 10, 2011

Ashley's Columbia Omniheat Review

Recently Both Ashley and I received Columbia Omniheat Boots to test out for them and to write reviews on their products as a part of their field test. The following is Ashley's review of the Womens Flurry Omniheat Boots she received from Columbia.

The Columbia Omniheat Boots were great for cold weather and snow.  I was glad that I had these on my Julian trip because we did encounter some snow when we went up to Laguna Mountain.  I fell in love with the shearling/fur inner lining of the boot that also showed out of the top of the boot.  I also loved the quilted stitching on the outside of the boot and the tasteful classy buckles.  

It was incredibly stylish and the organic color goes with everything.  I had many compliments on them about the uniqueness of the boot because they were so stylish they didn't look like your typical snow boot (overly bulky, and...frumpy).  It was nice to wear a boot that not only looked good, but functionally worked well in the cold elements and snow.  The boots were very insulated, especially when wearing thick socks, and sticking your pants inside the boot--which I was so glad that there was room in the top of the boot for my pants to fit in.  Let's face it ladies, sometimes boots we get are too snug and fitted that it's hard to stuff our jeans inside them. 

These boots were open enough at the top to do so.  Overall comfort was great.  They had a lot of support and cushion which made walking around more comfortable.  I had to get used to the feeling of a snow boot, as these don't have as much flexibility as fashion type boots I'm used to.  These boots secured my ankles well so I wouldn't fall and twist my ankle.  In snow, you mostly 'tromp' because snow is densely packed, so I can see why it's important to have the strong support.  They were non-slip shoes because the bottoms are thick rubber.  Additionally, the thick rubber outside made it impossible for water or cold to go through the boot.  (They are rated down to -25 degrees F.) The outside of the boot is also water-repellent so my feet stayed completely dry.  I am used to taller boots, but it didn't matter much with these boots because you normally stuff your snow pants inside your boots, so the height was fine.  These boots are perfectly stylish in the snow, yet still keep you warm and dry.  Nothing is getting past these boots--and you will be asked where you got them!  I also wore these as rain boots too; they look super cute with black leggings!  One note is that the boots run a full size small. To learn more about Columbia products available click HERE.

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