Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Khombu Product Review

Recently, Ashley was sent some shoes from Khombu to try out. Khombu is known for their high quality shoes/gear and they are sponsors of the US Ski team. They are a leader in waterproof footwear. Here is Ashley's review of one of their shoes.

I had the chance to try out my Khombu's (Style: BW1223-Carol) in the frigid, wet, muddy elements recently in Julian (a mountain town in Southern California). The rain and cold weather would not let up for a week straight, and neither did my desire to still look stylish while keeping warm. I love the suede material on the outside of the shoe, it is so nice because you can dress them up or dress them down.  The buckles on the ankle area make them look "biker," but also give some classy bling to the boot.  I have many boots and I can honestly say, the Khombu's are one of the warmest pair of boots I've ever worn. I love that they not only have great insulation, but they are tall boots and go up to just right below my knees (I'm about 5'2). 

The boots are rated down to -20 degrees F.  The boots are not bulky which made them easy to pack for the Julian trip. They also have another unique quality about them and that is they are full of support for my arches and ankles, but without giving up flexibility--they move with you, as opposed to resist.  The boots are zip up on the inner side, and they are so easy to put on!  I have huge calves because I run/hike a lot so it's difficult for me to ever find tall boots that fit around them and these have some stretch in them so they fit comfortably around--even when I stuff my jeans inside of them or wear leggings.

I emerged myself in puddles to test the waterproof feature of the boot and was successful. The water was instantly repelled and no water entered the inside of the boot.  Also, because the bottom of the shoes are rubber, I didn't slip and slide everywhere.  Additionally, I walked through a pool of mud while visiting a mine. My boots were covered with mud on the backs; when I wiped them off, the mud came off instantly--no residue was left behind. The best part about my trip was I was able to look stylish and not be afraid of my boots getting ruined by the elements! 

Although these boots are not conducive for hiking, they are my favorite pair of fashion boots to wear around town during fall/winter.  My aunt complimented me on these boots and now wants a pair because she is going to NYC, but doesn't need snow boots.  She wants something that will keep her warm, but still look fashionable for an upscale city.  So, they are a perfect choice when you want to look good, but stay warm while shopping around town (and be prepared for lots of compliments as I received a bunch!)

To learn more about the wide variety of footwear that Khombu makes click HERE.

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  1. Visiting the Sierras in a couple weeks, doing some kid-friendly hiking to some waterfalls and hot springs. I searched on reviews for the Khombu Plum Island 2 shoes (thats how I ended up here), as they are really cute and look as if they can handle water and be comfy for wilderness walking with an extra 30lb baby on the back.
    Just wondering, what would be your ideal shoe in this instance?
    ... I'm not one for anything bulky, if I could be barefoot I would :)


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