Thursday, January 20, 2011

Mushroom Growth on Trails

Given all the recent rain we received in Southern California during the month of December and the beginning of January, a lot of mushroom growth has been reported on many Southern California trails. On the Sitton Peak hike that we did several weeks ago we observed some pretty neat mushrooms and figured we would share some of the pictures with our readers. Neither Ashley or I are experts on truffles/mushrooms, but it was neat to see the transformation that the rain has cause on many Southern California trails. If anyone knows the type of mushrooms we saw, feel free to leave a comment, but they were very prevalent on the trail to Sitton Peak.

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  1. Guess by sight and location: red one may be a rossy russula or amanita muscaria (with its white "dots" washed off by rain); lower is western Jack-O-lantern. Sometimes confused with chantrelles, but that is a costly mistake as these are poisonous! Can tell them apart by observing jack-o-lantern's true gills and that they grow on dead wood.


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