Monday, January 10, 2011

Trails Drying Out

Two weekends ago Ashley and I hiked to the top of Sitton Peak (One of our favorite local hikes). It was amazing to see the amount of water that was on the trail. We observed little streams where there had previously been no streams at all. It seems like, at least for a little while, the weather is going to be great for hiking. The local waterfalls should have water in them for a while, given the amount of water that we received in December and the first part of January. According to for the month of December, Mission Viejo received almost 9 inches of, Trabuco canyon received 11 inches of rain, and Laguna Beach received almost 9 inches of rain. This was a large amount of much needed rain for the area. Which means you will have ample chances to go view our local waterfalls, such as Tenaja Falls,
Ortega Falls, Holy Jim Falls, or San Juan Loop Falls.

This past weekend Ashley and I visited Riley Wilderness Park. Some of the trails were still wet, but they are beginning to dry out. It was amazing to see some of the damage the storms caused to the area, as there was a lot of visible erosion of trails. Despite the damage, the bottom-line is things are drying out and hopefully you have a chance to get out and enjoy the great hiking weather we are having now. The pictures in this post are from our most recent sitton peak hike. The first picture is from the trail to the peak, looking out over the bear canyon trail which goes through the valley, with the San Bernardino Mountains in the background. The second picture is to show that some of the trails were more like small streams when we went on that hike.

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