Saturday, February 5, 2011

Ortega Oaks Candy Store Closes Feb 28, 2011

Today Ashley and I stopped by the Candy Store on Ortega Highway and had a chance to thank Sheila Sanford, the operator of the candy store, for all her hard work. The Candy Store is closing at the end of this month because of the failure to negotiate a new lease with the Landlord. The following is a excerpt from a newspaper article written by Gene Ghiotto of the Press Enterprise.
The owner of The Candy Store, a landmark on Highway 74 for the past 40 years, will close the business at the end of February, saying she could not reach a new lease agreement with the property manager.
Sheila Sanford, who took over the business two years ago, said the struggling economy along with fires in the Cleveland National Forest and road closures caused by rock-slides and highway repairs cut into her business and the money she had hoped to make.
"I want to be able to have money in the bank this month to pay next month's bills, and I can't do that," she said Wednesday.
Sanford said she had hoped to get her rent reduced from $2,000 to $1,500 a month for this year, then go back to the higher rate in 2012 as the economy improved. But the management company declined.
A spokesman for California Mobile Home Park Management Co. did not return a call seeking a comment. To read the rest of their story click HERE
This is an unfortunate loss for Hikers who frequent the store on the weekends. I did not know the lease agreement was for $2,000 a month, but that is a lot of money for rent for such an out of the way location, that has a history of major road closures due to construction, forest fires and rock slides

UPDATE ON CANDY STORE: The store has reopened under new management as of April 2011.


  1. My girlfriend and I hiked the Morgan Trail yesterday, starting right there at the Candy Store, we must have been there around the same time as you two. I was sad to see the sign saying the store is closing. I've been going there since I was a little kid. We hiked Sitton Peak two times within the last few months after reading about the hike on your site, thanks!

  2. Frank,

    Yes, it is sad to see the candy store go. Sitton peak is one of Ashley and I's favorite, the Morgan trail is a good one as well. There were a lot of people visiting the Candy Store yesterday as I am sure word is getting around of their closure.


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