Thursday, March 3, 2011

Great Time to Visit Waterfalls & Trabuco Canyon Road Now Open

The O.C. Register had a front page story on the high levels of water in the Waterfalls of our local Santa Ana Mountains. They were also reporting that Trabuco Canyon Road is now reopened. Trabuco Canyon Road is used to get to several trailheads in the Cleveland National forest, among them are the trailhead for Holy Jim falls and the trail to the top of Saddleback Mountain. Trabuco Canyon Road had been closed for months due to storm damage and is now open at this point. If you want to read the Orange County Register article click HERE. The forest serves has said that the rains have created the best waterfalls in the Santa Ana Mountains in at least a decade. Specifically, it was mention it has been 10 - 12 years since the forest has had the type of waterfall activity it is having now.

If you are looking for a list of hikes with waterfalls here are a few in the Santa Ana Mountains: Tenaja Falls, Ortega Falls, Holy Jim Falls, and San Juan Falls. We also have on our blog San Antonio Falls, which is in the Angeles National Forest. 

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  1. Thank you Brian and Ashley for offering a spectacular site for us enthusiasts of the local outdoors. I'd like to mention that I have visited two other falls since the last few rain storms we have received.
    I was a Black Star Falls on 03/05/11 which was quite nice visit. I also did Harding Canyon Falls on January 9th of this year. This experience was even better IMO. I can share more details with anyone that is interested as well as pictures that I took.
    Keep up the great work as it inspires many of us to visit many of the site you report about.

    Sergio in Irvine


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