Monday, March 14, 2011

Orange County Trackers

Ashley and I learned about the Orange County Trackers this past weekend while on our hike in the Limestone Canyon Wilderness Park. We figured that some of our readers might be interested in learning about how to identify local wildlife tracks. Here is some information about the Orange County Trackers. 
ORANGE COUNTY TRACKERS is a loosely formed coalition of wildlife biologists, grad students, interpreters, rangers, naturalists, docents and others who are interested in enhancing their tracking skills and applying that knowledge to monitoring wildlife activity in Orange County, California. There are no dues or fees associated, just the opportunity to have fun in the outdoors while learning more about animal behavior and the tracks and sign they leave behind for us to contemplate.
To learn more about the Orange County Trackers and the tools and programs they provide, visit their website by clicking HERE. We have also added them to our list of websites and blogs.

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