Monday, August 29, 2011

Great Time to Visit Dry Lake

It is a great time to visit Dry Lake in the San Gorgonio Wilderness. Dry Lake is one of the lakes that is located in the San Gorgonio Wilderness and right now it is not so dry, even though it is summer. Ashley and I have been here a total of 3 times in the last 4 years and currently Dry Lake is the fullest that we have seen it. When we went this past weekend, on a hike to the summit of Mt. San Gorgonio, we took several pictures. The pictures turned out great with the clouds that were building around the mountain. The hike to Dry Lake is strenuous and is 14 miles roundtrip, but it is definitely worth it. Here are a couple of pictures of what Dry Lake currently looks like. For our write-up of dry lake, click Here. The first picture on our write-up of Dry Lake shows what the lake normally looks like in the summer.

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