Monday, September 26, 2011

Mt. Whitney Belt (Product Review)

Recently, the folks over at C6 Brands sent us a Mt. Whitney Belt to review. When the belt arrived in the mail, I was impressed with how the belt looked and the general feel and quality of the belt. Visually, it is a very impressive belt. The following is a little information about the belt itself.

Each belt made by C6 Brands is hand dyed, pressed and burnished using traditional saddle making techniques. The belt itself is 1.5 inches wide and the buckle is slightly over 2.5 inches in diameter. Each belt is custom made to order. The belt is inspired by the Mountaineers Route to the top of Mt. Whitney. The belt's topographic design is hand-pressed into the leather belt and is complemented by the Mt. Whitney Benchmark buckle. C6 uses only the finest quality English Bridle Leather to ensure their belts are well constructed and built to last. C6 also takes pride in keeping all of their suppliers in the US.

This review is different from our other reviews because we are not reviewing the belt for its use while out on the hiking trail, but as something that you would wear to display your enthusiasm for hiking/backpacking/mountaineering, or to show off that you have made it to the summit of Mt. Whitney. The concept itself is a great idea and hopefully the folks at C6 could custom make belts for local mountains such as Mt. San Gorgonio or Mt. Baldy. Currently, there is a special price for the belt at $125, which to some might be a little high, but is comparable to other handmade quality belts. I received several compliments on the belt already. The belt is unique and is a great memento to show that you have climbed Mt. Whitney.

If you are looking for a high quality belt that shows off your enthusiasm for the outdoors, or displays in a bold unique manner the fact that you have climbed Mt. Whitney, then you should check out the Mt. Whitney Belt by clicking Here. The Mt. Whitney Belt also makes a great gift if you are looking to get someone something unique. It is truly outdoor inspired fashion. You won't be disappointed!


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