Hiking Poop-Out Hill (San Bernardino National Forest)

Poop-Out Hill is a fun short hike in the San Bernardino National Forest, that offers great views of Mt. San Gorgonio and the San Gorgonio Wilderness. This is a fun hike that Ashley and I have done in conjunction with several of our hikes to Mt. San Gorgonio via the South Fork Trail and our hikes to Dry Lake. If you are looking for a moderate hike with great views of San Gorgonio and the San Gorgonio Wilderness, then this is the hike for you. The hiking trail to Poop-Out Hill in the San Bernardino Mountains rewards hikers with beautiful mountain views! 

Directions to Trailhead: To get to the South Fork Trailhead to hike to Poop-Out Hill, going from Orange County, take the 91 freeway east towards Riverside. Stay on the 91 freeway which eventually becomes the 215 freeway. The 215 freeway eventually intersects with Interstate 10. At the 215 freeway and Interstate 10 interchange, take Interstate 10 going East toward Palm Springs. Exit from Interstate 10 on University which is in the City of Redlands. Make a left and follow University (You will pass through Redlands University) until you meet Highway 38. Take a right on Highway 38, going toward the San Bernardino Mountains. In several miles you will pass the Mill Creek Ranger Station, continue on up into the San Bernardino National Forest. Highway 38 will take you to the trailhead. Exit highway 38 onto Jenks Lake Road (This road is located before Barton Flats). Take Jenks lake road a couple of miles and the trailhead is on your left hand side. It is a large parking lot with a big sign indicating the South Fork Trailhead. (A Forest Adventure Pass is needed to park at the South Fork Trailhead, however you do NOT need a the additional San Gorgonio Wilderness Permit to hike to Poop-Out Hill)

Description of Hike: The hike to Poop-Out Hill is a fun hike that goes right up to the edge of the San Gorgonio Wilderness. Actually, the area by Poop-Out Hill is the old trailhead to the San Gorgonio Wilderness. The trail to Poop-Out Hill begins at the South Fork Trailhead. The trail is uphill most of the way to Poop-Out Hill, which is 2.4 miles from the trailhead and a little over 900 vertical feet higher. The hiking trail is well maintained and goes through some beautiful areas in the San Bernardino National Forest. At Poop-Out Hill you are rewarded with scenic vistas of the San Gorgonio Wilderness as well as great views of Mt. San Gorgonio. The resting area at Poop-Out Hill is a great place to take pictures. There are several informational plaques at this location about the San Gorgonio Wilderness. You can return via the trail you took, or you can make a loop by using the dirt forest road to get back to the trailhead. The trails in this area are well maintained and are usually well marked.

Further Thoughts: Ashley and I have done this hike to Poop-Out Hill in connection with our hikes to Mt. San Gorgonio and Dry Lake. The hike to Poop-Out Hill in itself is a great hike for those that are looking for a less strenuous option to view Mt. San Gorgonio. We have seen a number of people hike on this trail with their dogs. This is a very popular trail and when you are hiking here, especially on weekends during the summer months, you are likely to see other hikers. Make sure to bring your camera with you as we have seen deer and other wildlife while on this hike in the San Bernardino Mountains.

Also, during the summer months, be on the watch for afternoon thunderstorms when on this hike. Ashley and I have encountered a couple of thunderstorms on several different occasions during the summer when hiking in this area. Remember to seek shelter immediately if a thunderstorm develops and do not stay on peaks or in open areas. Also, during the winter time, this area can get quite a bit of snow. Bottom-line is be prepared for the weather conditions when you do this hike. If you want to see the current weather conditions, click Here for a live webcam of San Gorgonio courtesy of BigBearWeather.com. Overall, the hike to Poop-Out Hill is a great hike the whole family can enjoy together. There is plenty of shade on most portions of the trail which will help you stay cool on warmer days.

Rating: Elevation Gain: 960 ft. (Moderate), Distance: 4.8 Miles Roundtrip (Easy - Moderate).

Time to Complete Hike: 1 - 2 hours.

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  1. Hiked this trail this morning. Very pretty with the fresh snow. ALOT of bear tracks!

  2. My husband and daughter and I are heading up today for some winter hiking/snowshoeing. Just wanted to say thanks for an awesome, informational blog! We've done this hike many times but enjoyed reading your blog. ;)

  3. Thanks for the information! Myself and some friends are headed up today.

  4. Thanks for the helpful information, we're going to be camping at Barton Flats and this looks like a great moderate day hike


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