Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Why Hike?

This is a post that Ashley and I wanted to put on the blog for a while. This is a post about the reasons why you should hike. This is not an all inclusive list of reasons but are some that we think are the most important. Feel free to add the reasons why you hike!

Hiking is an accessible activity for Southern California residents because of the abundance of open space we have. Hiking doesn't require any special skill set and is an activity you can do with your friends and family. If you are looking for an economical activity, the chance to see nature up-close, adventure, and great exercise then you might want to go on a hike.

Hiking is an economical activity. It doesn’t cost much to go on a local hike. Many local parks offer free parking and free access to trails. For the parks that do charge fees for access, they are usually only nominal fees. As far as equipment goes, you don’t need much to start hiking. All you really need is a good sturdy pair of shoes, a backpack to hold water and a lunch, some knowledge and a map of where you are hiking, and you are set to go see what the trails in Southern California have to offer.

Hiking offers unparallel views into the beauty of nature. If you are looking to see Southern California in a way that most people never do, then you need to go on a hike. When hiking you will notice that the scenery around us is constantly changing due to the seasons and the weather. You will see breathtaking views on the tops of peaks/hills and appreciate the simplicity in the small things like listening to a babbling stream during the rainy season. Best of all hiking allows you to slow down and enjoy the open space and wilderness preserves that abound in Southern California.

Hiking is truly an adventure. When setting out on a hike you have no idea of the sights or things that you will encounter. Hikers are usually a friendly bunch. You will find that hikers often share tips on the trails they have hiked and of the neat things they have seen on specific trails. Additionally, you might get to see and take a picture of local wildlife such as mule deer or a fox. Ultimately, no two hikes are really ever the same due to the changes in scenery, the people you encounter, and the wildlife you will see.

Lastly, hiking is great exercise. If you want to get a good workout that is outside of the gym then hiking is for you. Hiking is an activity that has many benefits and we have listed only a few in this post. Feel free to add in the comments below the reasons why you hike. Happy Trails!


  1. I agree with everything you wrote! Cheap, relatively easy to start, a super way to bond with family, and I think hiking is a fantastic date if I do say so myself. One item I would like to add is hiking can be a wonderful stress reliever. Keep up the good work you two!

  2. Great post! I couldn't agree with you more! The reasons to hike are many and the benefits are priceless :)


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