Thursday, November 24, 2011

KIWI Outdoor Survival Kit Giveaway (Photo Contest)

Recently, the folks at KIWI sent us their Outdoor Survival Kit to do a product review for our readers, which Ashley and I gave good marks. In addition, they are doing a giveaway of one KIWI Outdoor Survival Kit to one of our readers. Here are the details of the photo contest.


Submit your Photograph: We encourage our readers to submit one of their favorite nature/hiking photographs for the contest. This is a broad category, but we are looking for a picture that shows nature/the trail from a hikers perspective.  Only one entry per person is allowed. Submit your entry to With your entry, please include your name and an active email address as well as where you took the picture. We will send you an email confirming that we got your submission.

Time for Submitting your Photograph: The submission time will run from the date of this Post until December 2nd at 11:59pm. 

Selection of 4 Finalists and Winner: On December 3rd Ashley and I will select our 4 favorite pictures from all the submissions and will post them on Brian and Ashley's Hiking Blog allowing our readers to choose the winner of the contest. 

Selection of Winner: The voting to choose a winner, from the 4 finalists, will last for one week. One vote per person. At the end of the week, the picture with the most votes wins the KIWI Outdoor Survival Kit. The KIWI Outdoor Survival Kit will be mailed to the winner by the folks at KIWI. 

Thank you again to the Folks at KIWI for doing this contest. If you are not a fan of theirs on Facebook, click Here to like their Facebook Page.

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