Sunday, February 26, 2012

Hanalei Bay (Black Pot Beach Park to Waioli Stream)

One of the hikes Ashley and I had the chance to do while on our honeymoon to Kauai was at Hanalei Bay from the Black pot Beach park to the Waioli Stream.  This is a fun short beach hike along the scenic Hanalei Bay. For more pictures of this hike make sure to check out or Facebook Page.

Directions to Trailhead: From Lihue, drive 31 miles north and west on Highway 56 to Hanalei, crossing the bridge over the Hanalei River. As you enter the town of Hanalei, turn right on Aku Road between mile markers 2 and 3. Drive 0.3 miles to Weke Road. Turn right and continue a half mile to the county park parking lot at the end of the road by the Hanalei River. There is no cost for parking.

Description of Hike: This is an out and back beach hike at Kauai's Hanalei Bay. The trail is virtually flat and the hike is 2.5 miles roundtrip. Black Pot Beach park sits at the mouth of the Hanalei River in scenic Hanalei bay. The park, boardered by the river to the north and the Pacific to the west, has a wide, grassy camping and picnic area. This hike follows the bay along the scenic crescent-shaped strand beach from the Hanalei River to the Waioli Stream. It is an extremely scenic beach hike.

Further Thoughts: This is a fun short beach hike along the scenic Hanalei Bay. The hike goes to the banks of the Waioli Stream, however you can make this beach hike as long or a short as you like. Hanalei Bay is the largest bay on Kauai and considered one of the best beaches in all of Hawaii. Hanalei Bay Beach is located at the base of the cliffs on the north side of Kauai. These 1,000 to 4,000 foot cliffs reflect into the glass-like water of the bay.

If you are looking for a relaxing beach hike while on your trip to Kauai, this is a must do. Additionally, you might want to consider doing this hike during sunset, even though the sun does not set on this side of the island. During sunset, if there are clouds over the surrounding cliffs, it is an amazing sight to see as the surrounding cliffs look like they are on fire from the sun setting on the south side of the island.

Rating: Elevation Gain: Less than 50 ft. (Very Easy), Distance: 2.5 Miles Roundtrip (Easy).

Time to Complete Hike: 1.5 - 2 hours.


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