Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Carhartt Sock Review (All Season)

Recently the folks at Carhartt sent us a set of socks for a review.  We had a chance to try out some of their socks on a recent hike to Sitton Peak and the Santa Rosa Plateau as well as multiple hikes to Riley Wilderness Park. Both Ashley and I gave them great marks as far as performance and feel.  Carhartt is a company that is known for high quality products that can hold up to the elements.

About the Socks From the Manufacture:  I had the chance to review Carhartt' All Season All-Terrain Dry Technology Wool Blend. I tried both their All-Terrain Quarter Sock and their All-Terrain Low Cut Tab Sock. Ashley had a chance to try their Lightweight Cushioned Cotton Low-Cut Sock and the All Season Wool Sock.

Here is some information on the All-Terrain Quarter Sock: This sock is built of a resilient wool/acrylic blend to transport moisture in a cool length for ankle high footwear. Blended fibers combat odor and retain shape wear after wear. Reinforced heel and toe provide long-term durability and added protection. Mesh channels create air flow and arch support ensures stability to deliver ultimate all-terrain performance. Made of 50% acrylic, 31% nylon, 17% merino wool, 1% Lycra® spandex, 1% other fiber.

Here is some information on the All-Terrain Low Cut Tab Sock: Our high-tech Work-Dry® all-terrain low cut sock features Friction-Free® fibers in the heel and toe to reduce the likelihood of blisters. It also has mesh cooling panels and instep channels to promote air flow, plus a braced arch support to add stability. The heel tab design shields the Achilles from abrasion and keeps the sock from slipping into the shoe. A resilient wool/acrylic blend transports moisture, naturally combats odor and retains its shape wash after wash.

Here is some information on the Lightweight Cushioned Cotton Low-Cut Sock: Our lightweight cushioned cotton low-cut sock delivers Carhartt quality in a low profile. Built for long wear in a 73% cotton/25% nylon/2% Lycra® Spandex blend, the finely knit soft cotton and cushioned sole combine to make the sock a comfortable choice. Wide mesh panels on top of the foot provide excellent ventilation, and the Spandex and arch support work to help ensure a non-slip fit.

Here is some information on the All Season wool socks by Carhartt: Our ultimate work socks are designed to last. Made of a 38% stretch nylon, 30% Merino wool, 30% polypropylene, 2% spandex blend, the fabric regulates temperature and has channels that wick moisture away to keep feet dry. They’re also reinforced in the heel and toe areas for durability and have a reinforced arch support. The spandex-reinforced top keep the socks up while you’re working.

Brian's Review: I enjoyed testing the low cut and the quarter cut socks out on several different hikes.   The wool socks were extremely comfortable and they did a great job of wicking moisture away from my foot as compared to general cotton socks. The reinforced toe and heel I felt added extra protection on the longer hike to Sitton Peak and the Santa Rosa Plateau. Additionally, the Low Cut Socks had a lip on the heel that provided extra protection while on the hike. One of the most critical things for me with socks on a hike is that they do not slip.  Neither of these two socks slipped down during the hike. They stayed in place due to the spandex throughout the sock for a nice contoured fit. I would fully recommending these socks to fellow hikers as they are comfortable and durable. They are reasonably priced as well for good quality socks. I remember when I started hiking years ago I used to use regular cotton socks.  These are much better for hiking than as compared to regular cotton socks, that most people wear!

Ashley's Review: I had the pleasure of testing the ALL SEASON wool socks by Carhartt the other day. Not only are they cute with the variety in color, they are also comfortable and dry. On a longer hike, your feet are exposed to blisters if you do not have the right socks. I hiked about 6 miles in these and had no blisters. Even though I prefer socks that are low cut, these socks are a good height because they could be rolled down or pulled up; they are quarter socks. The packaging said "Odor Protection" so I was really excited to put that to the test. I did not have any odor because the socks kept me dry the whole hike! This is so awesome because it not only minimizes foot odor, but it also protects your shoes from stinking. I really appreciated the supported heel area. The socks felt thicker and gave me a little lift in my shoes--which helped my arch too. Sometimes hiking socks are big on me even though they fit my "shoe size," but these are awesome because they contour to your feet so you don't have extra room in the sock. There is spandex in the sock to expand to your feet as needed. Overall these were very comfortable and kept my feet dry and blister free. I look forward to wearing them again soon!

I also did a review for Carhartt's  Lightweight Cushioned Cotton Low-Cut Sock sock. It is more of a running type of sock--low-cut, thinner than the wool hiking socks I tried. Like the hiking socks, these socks contour to my feet. The spandex-type material makes it really accommodating to my feet so I do not slide around inside my shoes like I do with my cheap Target socks! These breathe really well and also wick the moisture away, giving me lots of blister-free comfort. Out of all my running socks (Nike included) these are some of the most padded, supported athletic socks I've ever worn. They have great arch support as well. I walk and run a lot, so these socks are thin enough to keep my feet cool, but thick enough to still give me supportive comfort. I've also had trouble in the past with cut-off ankle socks sliding down into the heel of my shoe, and these stayed up the entire workout. I don't know if I would recommend these cotton socks on long hikes, I would stick with the wool sock above. But, I Highly recommend these athletic socks for work outs and short hikes. You won't be sorry!

All hiking pictures on this post are of the hikes we used to review the Carhartt Socks

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  1. Thank you for this post. I've been looking for a good alternative to my cheap-o wool socks that I've had for a decade. While it can be cheaper to buy socks at discount retailer, sometimes you just have to spend the money to get a quality product!


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