Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Swedish FireKnife Review

Recently we had the opportunity to do a review of the Swedish FireKnife. When we first saw this product it caught our eye as it combined two things into one which is important for those looking to reduce the weight of things they carry while hiking. We tested it out and it held up great!

Specs on the Swedish FireKnife from the Manufacture: Blade: Sandvik 12C27 stainless steel; Grip: TPE rubber material; Swedish FireSteel®: magnesium alloy; Actual size: 225x45x38mm; Weight: 94 g; Produces a 5,400°F spark.

Our Review: We had several chances to test this product out under a variety of conditions. When we received the Swedish FireKnife we took it out of the package and the knife had a balanced feel to it. The rubber grip on the handle of the knife is easy to grip and makes for easy use. The blade comes very sharp and is very capable of cutting most anything you would need to cut while out hiking on the trail. This product would make a great all purpose knife. However the best thing is that it also has a magnesium flint which can be used to light stoves or campfires.

The fire-starter is easy to use. The magnesium alloy flint has a twisting lock mechanism which keeps it locked in place on the knife. When you need a spark, you twist the magnesium flint and then use that to strike the flat back edge of the knife. In order to get an adequate spark you need to apply force. Ashley and I both found that it was really easy to generate sparks. It was effective in lighting our butane burner as well as kindling. The knife will spark regardless of if it is wet or dry.

The sheath for the knife comes in a variety of colors. The sheath is a sturdy plastic material. Even though the material is sturdy and durable, it would also be nice to have the option to get a knife with a leather sheath. Maybe it is just us but a leather sheath has a little bit more of an outdoorsy feel. Maybe they will have that option soon! The bottom-line is this is a great affordable all purpose knife that also serves as a fire-starter. It is an excellent combination of tools that most hikers and backpackers carry with them while they are on the trail. You can find the Swedish FireKnife at retailers such as Amazon and retailers like REI for around $30.00 - $35.00. 


  1. Hey guys! I've been lurking for a while now and I just wanted to say that I love your hiking gear reviews. Stuff like this is pretty unique and isn't something I would normally seek out.

    On multi-day overnight backpacking trips I usually bring a flint and a separate knife (usually my Leatherman). I might have to toss them both for this (and for the sake of the weight on my back)!

  2. What gave you the idea the "flint" is "magnesium?"

    Looks like a typical ferrocerium rod to me - NOT magnesium.

    1. As we have said in our review it is a magnesium alloy per the manufactures specifications. An alloy is a mixture composed of two or more elements. So if you can tell from our pictures what the other elements in the alloy are that is great.


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