Monday, October 22, 2012

HikeGoo Product Review

Recently the Folks at FootKinetics sent us a couple of samples of HikeGoo to test out and review for our readers. We had a chance to test the HikeGoo out on a hike to Riley Wilderness Park and a hike to the top of Bedford Peak. We found that this was a great product that really delivers.

About HikeGoo From the Manufacture: HikeGoo forms a protective friction-free layer between the skin and sock that's permeable, so sweat passes through. All of FootKinetics Foot Creams stay on the skin's surface protecting feet from skin damage while absorbing slowly and cleanly. Balancing the ratio of hard waxes and lanolin with soft waxes such as Jojoba, Mimosa, and Sunflower provide the optimum skin protection and moisturization for each activity. The more hard wax, the longer the product stays on the skin's surface, providing durable protection, and the slower it absorbs. The more soft waxes, the greater the skin's absorption and moisturization while continuing to provide a protective layer between the skin and sock. Socks easily wash clean.

Our Review: Truthfully, we did not know what to expect when we agreed to review this product. Recently, we have been receiving a couple of requests a week to review products and we only agreed to do the ones that we believe our readers would be interested in learning about. Even though we didn't know what to expect at the outset of this review, we quickly found out that this product delivered on its promise to help prevent blisters. Once we received the HikeGoo, we were impressed with the packaging. Additionally, HikeGoo has a no mess applicator which makes it easy to apply the HikeGoo to your feet. (Although you might still have to use your hands to apply the product to apply it evenly). We used good wicking socks on both our hikes. The Riley Wilderness Park hike was in weather that was around 90 degrees. We did  multiple loops at the park for a hike just under 7 miles roundtrip. Ashley could not join on the Bedford Peak hike which was 7 miles roundtrip with significant elevation gain. What we found is that when you apply HikeGoo to your feed you can immediately feel a difference even before you begin your hike. You can tell that the product reduces friction. We found that the product lasted all day on our hikes and best of all we had no blisters at the end of them. HikeGoo additionally moisturizes while it protects your feet on a hike which is also a nice benefit to using HikeGoo. The product's cost is on the higher side especially if you go hiking a lot, however, it does work to help prevent blisters. We would recommend using HikeGoo on longer strenuous hikes if you are looking for additional blister protection that will last you all day. Obviously, this product works best with good moisture wicking socks and worn in hiking shoes. Using, this product will definitely make it harder to get blisters on long hikes and the product definitely delivers on its claims. We are sure that if you are not used to hiking for a full day and go on a hike for 15 plus miles you still will likely get blisters no matter what you do. However, this product from our testing for regular hikers will reduce your chance of getting blisters on longer hikes and increase overall foot comfort. For information on how to purchase or learn more about HikeGoo, click Here.

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  1. I'm curious how many miles a tube might typically last. Any thoughts?


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