Sunday, December 16, 2012

Great Time to Visit Southern California Waterfalls

The month of December appears to have kicked of the winter rainy season in Southern California. The Southern California region saw rain on December 2, 3, 12, 13, and 14 with more storms forecasted in the next week. With the apparent beginning of regular storm systems impacting Southern California also begins the best time to take a hike to see our local waterfalls.  Hopefully, Southern California will have a good rainy season to allow from good waterfall viewing all the way into the Spring.

If you are looking for a list of hikes with waterfalls in Southern California here are a few that we have listed on our website:

 Black Star Canyon Falls: Black Star Canyon Falls, also known as Black Star Falls, is truly a great hike in Orange County to one of Orange County's beautiful remote waterfalls.

Tenaja Falls: Tenaja Falls is the largest waterfall in Orange County, over 150 feet of cascading waterfalls in the heart of the remote San Mateo Canyon Wilderness in the Cleveland National Forest.

Ortega Falls: Ortega Falls in the Cleveland National Forest is probably one of the most accessible waterfalls to see as it is only a short hike away from Ortega Highway.

Holy Jim Falls: Holy Jim Falls is one of Orange County's most iconic and most visited waterfalls and is a rewarding hike through a beautiful oak and sycamore covered canyon below the summit of Saddleback Mountain.

Chaquito Falls: Chaquito Falls is a lesser known beautiful waterfall in the foothills of the Cleveland National Forest that only runs when the area has received consistent rainfall.

San Juan Falls: Is a series of waterfalls that are easily accessible from the San Juan Loop Trail which begins right by the Candy Store on Ortega Highway.

San Antonio Falls: Is a cascading waterfall in the Angeles National Forest on the start of the trail to Mt. Baldy.

Santa Rosa Plateau: The Santa Rosa Plateau is home to multiple largest vernal pools that fill up only when the region received significant rainfall. The Santa Rosa Plateau Ecological Reserve is a great location for a day hike in one of Southern California's premier hiking locations.

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