Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Premier Protein (Product Review)

Recently we received a new product to review from the people over at Premier Protein. Ashley and I are always looking for good tasting energy bars/energy food items that are easy to bring and have while on longer hikes. They sent us several different flavors of protein bars (Chocolate Peanut Butter, Double Chocolate Crunch, and Yogurt Peanut Crunch) and protein shakes (Chocolate & Vanilla). We had the chance to review them on a recent Sitton Peak hike and our recent hike to the Lost Palms Oasis in Joshua Tree National Park. We found them to be great tasting, and filling while on our test hikes.

About Premier Protein: Here is some information provided by Premier Protein. They use a mix of several different sources of proteins in their products. Whey, Casein, and Soy are several types of proteins that you’ll find in most protein products. So what’s the difference? They are all good and complete proteins, meaning they have all the essential amino acids. But, they are absorbed at different rates, which can be important depending on your nutrition and fitness goals. Whey protein comes from milk and is absorbed the fastest of the three protein sources. Whey delivers the essential amino acids to feed your muscles the most quickly. Soy protein clearly comes from soy and is next in the speed category. Soy is absorbed slower than whey but faster than casein, and is one of the only "complete" non-dairy proteins. Casein, which comes from milk, is digested the slowest, providing a more gradual rise in amino acid levels. Milk protein, which also comes from milk, is a combination of whey & casein. You can imagine how a blend of these three could benefit active people, fueling muscles both immediately and over the long haul. That’s why high quality, delicious protein products like Premier Protein® shakes and bars rely on a mix of these proteins to deliver maximum impact. Premier Protein's shakes offer a proprietary blend of milk proteins, while our bars deliver a blend of soy and whey. For more information click Here.

Brian's Review:  I got the chance to try both the Vanilla  and Chocolate flavors of Premier Protein's shakes.  I had the vanilla one on my hike to sitton peak and the chocolate one on the hike to the lost palms oasis in Joshua Tree National Park. I found both flavors smooth and refreshing. They do not need to be refrigerated until after opening them. They taste good no matter the temperature, especially when on a long hike. They are portable and easy to drink from and actually quite filling.  On a site note, one of my co-workers in my law firm I noticed was drinking one of them today, and she stated that she swears by them.  I would definitely concur as they are tasty and filling. They were surprisingly sweet for a high protein shake which is a real plus. They are priced very comparable to other protein shakes and can be found in many retailers. They are for sale as a 4 count, 12 count, and 18 count. I also got to try the Chocolate Peanut Butter, Double Chocolate Crunch, and Yogurt Peanut Crunch bars, two while on the hikes and one at home. My big concern with protein bars is that they are usually not quite as sweet as other lower protein bars on the market. However, that was not the case here as the Premier Protein bars were all really great tasting and struck the right balance, with my favorite being the Yogurt Peanut Crunch. They are still not a sweet as other lower protein options because of the large amounts of sugar in the lower protein brands on the market. The great thing is they are incredibly filling due to the large serving of protein they have. They will provide lots of energy for any activity you undertake! Additionally, the packaging held up well in a full backpack on a long hike!

Ashley's Review: The Premier Protein bars are really delicious! As far as protein bars are concerned, this is the best bar by far that actually evens out my blood sugar. Often, I feel like my blood sugar drops a little when I'm hiking for a long period of time. I know I need to replenish the calories I'm burning, so I'll eat a bar. The Premier Protein bars gave me just the right amount of energy to finish the hike. I ate it after we reached our destination (summit). My body was tired and I could tell I needed to eat something. It was the perfect balance of sweet, but not too sweet where it tasted like a candy bar. It was a nice hearty bar that filled me up enough--literally I could eat half and I was full. I drank water with it and that seemed to help distribute the protein where my body needed it most. I had a lot more energy to finish the hike. I thought the flavors were all delicious. However, I am a peanut butter-holic and that is always my go-to choice for any protein bar flavor. I thought the flavor to be very pure and natural. Nothing tasted processed. It was just plain healthy, not fattening, and good.

The shakes by Premier Protein were THE BEST shakes I've ever had. I've tried Atkins, Slim Fast, Carnation, Shakeology, Ensure, etc. None of them compare to the simple, light flavor of this brand. I love that it isn't thick and clumpy. It's smooth, rich, and creamy, but not heavy. The shake was filling and it had a nice flavor to it. I also had this shake when we arrived at the summit of our hike. It really helped bring my energy back up. After being in the sun for a long period of time, it can be very draining. The shake helped me feel less fatigued and more energized. Sometimes I get a little sick feeling after drinking a protein shake because of the heavy milk content, but this shake was nice and light that I didn't have any stomach issues. My favorite flavor was the vanilla, but the chocolate was delicious too. I liked the fullness of the shake and the calorie count! I would have liked to have tried the vanilla shake in my blender and put some frozen berries in there and have a shake, but I didn't think of it until later. :) I will definitely be drinking these again. Another thing I loved was the packaging. It makes it simple to grab and go! It's convenient and not bulky. Perfect for hiking or drinking on your way to work. I teach, so it's nice to have something that sustains me until lunch time. Great product.

For more information on where to buy Premier Protein products, click Here.

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