Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Sitton Peak Hike With Snow

This past weekend was a great weekend to for hike on Sitton Peak as there was even some snow from last weeks weather system.  If you have not had a chance to hike Sitton Peak, you need to put it on your to do list as it is one of the best hikes in the Santa Ana Mountains!  For our trail write-up on Sitton Peak, Click Here.


  1. looks like your mountains are somewhat bigger than ours in North Wales (UK).......but we seem to share a love of clouds ^_^
    certainly looked like a great day out, and some pretty stunning pics, too, happy days!

  2. Thanks for the continuous great posts. I took a good sized group here this past weekend and we had a great time! No kidding about the last scramble to the peak. Just wanted to let you know you guys are the first I come to when looking up hikes in southern California.


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