Thursday, April 4, 2013

Second Missing Hiker Found Alive in Cleveland National Forest

Rescuers found the second missing hiker, Kyndall Jack, today just before noon in a steep ravine amid heavy brush in the Falls Canyon area of the Cleveland National Forest, according to authorities.  We are glad to hear that both of the hikers have been rescued and are glad to hear they are expected to make a full recovery.  Sadly, it appears that much of this could have been avoided with a little planning and preparation as both went hiking in the wilderness unprepared. According to an NBC 4 Article, Jack ventured into the wilderness wearing only board shorts, a T-shirt and tennis shoes.  Cendoya was likewise unprepared for an emergency stay in the wilderness overnight, authorities said, and friends reported he did not often hike. He was scratched over much of his body from trying to stay warm in brush at night while he was shirtless.  Bottom-line is that it is great news to hear that both were found alive after spending multiple days in the wilderness.

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