Thursday, September 5, 2013

Timex Expedition Trail Mate Watch (Product Review)

Recently Ashley and I were sent a Timex Expedition Trail Mate Watch to test for our readers. We had the chance to test out the Timex Expedition Trail Mate watch on a couple of different hikes as well as a couple of walks around our local Lake Mission Viejo. We found the watch performed great, was comfortable to wear, and held up in the hot summer heat.

About the Timex Watch: On the outside, this is an attractive, comfortable, and rugged watch that can be worn while hiking or in the office. It has a built-in accelerometer which  turns this into an essential tool for any walker or hiker -- providing real-time distance and speed in addition to alerts that help track your progress. The watch has an intuitive user-interface which makes the watch easy to use. It also has the following special features: Accelerometer technology which provides the user with distance, speed and pace information; the Accurate accelerometer measures steps to +95% accuracy; the Automatic alert system allows users to set alarms to defined distance/time goals; the watch allows you to store and review 10 activity sessions; it is Easy to calibrate; and has a 24-Hour Chronograph with Lap and Split Times.

Our Review: The watch is well built and we found the instructions provided by Timex made the Timex Expedition Trail Mate Watch easy to program and easy to figure out.  The watch strap is made of water resistant leather, with multiple holes to adjust for comfort/fit. The back of the watch is made out of stainless steel and the watch is water resistant to 100 meters. The watch has a normal time and date setting just as any normal watch, however, the big feature of the watch is the chrono setting which uses the accelerometer to measure you steps on your hike. The watch keeps track of your overall speed, your total steps, you approximate calories burned, the distance of your hike, the total time of your hike, and the split of active time verses non-active time. Click here for the instructions for the watch. We found the watch very accurate as we compared it to hikes we have done where we already knew the exact distance of the hike. 

The cost of the watch is $65.00 retail. The only downside is the watch does not take into account elevation gain like a gps watch would.  Thus if you are doing a hike with significant elevation gain the accuracy of the watch might suffer. However a gps watch will cost you at least twice the amount of money. Overall, we give the Timex Expedition Trail Mate Watch two thumbs up because it can still give you a great summary of any hike you are on and is also suitable normal every day wear.

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