Monday, December 30, 2013

2013 Year in Review for Brian & Ashley's Hiking Blog

2013 has been a great year for Ashley and I as well as a great year for our hiking blog. Readership during 2013 continued to grow and we had the opportunity to do a couple of new guest posts in 2013 as well as several product giveaways. This year has been a good year for hiking new trails as we have added 12 new hiking trails to our blog as well as updates on multiple other trails. We have over 130 different hiking trails (Specifically 68 trails in the Orange County Area, 25 in the greater Southern California Area, and 41 outside of the greater Southern California Area) that are detailed on Brian and Ashley's Hiking Blog. The number of fans who like our Facebook page has steadily continued to grow, with now over 747 likes and we now have over 121 twitter followers.

2013 was unique for both Ashley and I, because we were both officially done with school at the same time and working to establish our careers.  Ashley finished her teaching credential this year from Cal State Fullerton and got a great job at Fallbrook High School and I have now been an attorney for more than two years with Bremer Whyte Brown and O'Meara.  This year we took more enjoyment in doing one particular hike multiple times versus doing multiple new trails.  We hiked Sitton Peak multiple times this year in addition to frequenting both Caspers Wilderness Park and Riley Wilderness Park.  This led to multiple sightings of different types of animals such as bobcats, snakes, deer, skunks, and other animals.  Our favorite new hike this year was hands down our Lost Palms Oasis Hike in Joshua Tree National Park.

Ashley and I always enjoy all the comments/feedback that we get from our readers about the hikes that they have done. Your comments, stories, and feedback continue to make this blog better and is always welcome! Ashley and I want to say a special thanks to ALL our readers and we hope that 2014 is a great hiking year for you and that you have a Happy New Year! Our goal for the next year is to continue hiking new and exciting trails as well as re-visit some of our favorite hiking locations. Ashley and I want to wish you and your family a happy and prosperous 2014! Happy Trails.

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  1. Brian and Ashley...HAPPY NEW YEAR....thank you both for making life a better place...your upbeat, informative, beautifully photographed trail guides are awesome...after 32 yrs, I just retired from the fire department...want to get out and hike...have a bad knee/fake one coming someday...but in the meantime..your guides make it doable and wife and I will be using them in 2014 for sure.......congratulations on both getting're very fortunate to have each other....don't ever forget that! (old guy advice..since I don't have my own blog)


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