Monday, March 17, 2014

Police Seek Public's Help to Identify Woman's Remains from Caspers Wilderness Park

After an investigation failed to turn up any leads, police are hoping newly released photos (of clothing) will help the public identify a woman whose remains were discovered in Orange County's Caspers Wilderness Park earlier this year. NBC Los Angeles has a full report on the matter which can be found Here.

The body in question was found Jan. 6, 2014 in a rural southeast area of Orange County, but officials did not make the discovery public until March 14, 2014 after they performed tests to determine if the remains were that of a human. Authorities said the remains are estimated to have been exposed to the elements in San Juan Capistrano's Caspers Wilderness Park for at least six months. The cause of death remains unknown and is still under investigation. 

Using an anthropologist to identify the bones, police said the remains are those of a petite female, at least 30 years old who had shoulder-length brown hair with light highlights. The woman also had a "distinct gold-colored dental bridge on her left lower jaw," as well as a broken nose at some point in her life, police said.

Anyone with information is encouraged to call Orange County Sheriff Lt. Jeff Hallock at 714-904-7042.

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