Saturday, March 1, 2014

The Sinks Hike (Limestone Canyon Wilderness Park)

Recently Ashley and her good friend Kristal Mikels visited The Sinks in Limestone Canyon Wilderness Park, utilizing the Augustine Trial Head. From the Augustine Trailhead this hike has approximately 550 feet of elevation gain and is 7.6 miles round-trip. For our detailed trail description and write-up, make sure to check out our formal post Here. The Sinks, an impressive geological formation, has been called the "Miniature Grand Canyon of Orange County". While the term "Miniature Grand Canyon of Orange County" is a bit hyperbole (because it is clearly dwarfed by in size and scope by the Grand Canyon or even Waimea Canyon), it is a beautiful geological feature that is located in some of Orange County's most pristine wilderness areas and is well worth the hike. Here are some pictures from Ashley's hike with Kristal to enjoy on this much needed rainy day (rainy weekend) in Southern California!

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  1. Your photo's are lovely. As all of our ground here in RI is snow covered, I'm a bit envious! :)


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