Monday, May 26, 2014

Memorial Day Sitton Peak Hike

Ashley and I got a chance to go hiking today to the top of Sitton Peak off of Ortega Highway. Our neighbors Justin and Kelley joined us on our hike and we all had a great time. We were the first persons on the trail this morning and enjoyed spectacular views at the top of Sitton Peak. The weather was also very good, it started off slightly cool and then warmed up as the day went on. Ashley and I hope that everyone got a chance to get out and do some hiking this past weekend in honor of memorial day. Ashley and I are so thankful for the sacrifice and service of our veterans and active service members. Sitton Peak is one of our favorite hikes in all of Southern California and we have both done this hike many times. For our detailed trail write-up on the hike to Sitton Peak make sure to click Here. Enjoy a couple of pictures from our hike today!

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  1. Wonderful view! Looks like it was a great day to visit an old favorite.


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