Saturday, May 3, 2014

Ora's Amazing Herbal Product Review

Recently we were sent a couple of herbal skin products made by Ora's Amazing Herbal, to test out for our readers. This is a product that we decided to review because many hikers look for skin care/protection products that are organic and natural. Their business model is to make make synthetic free, slowly infused herbal salves, lip balms, and powders for a variety of issues such as scrapes, cuts, burns, bug bites, dry skin, eczema, and more. We were sent a sample of their all purpose salve, lip balm, and body powder. Both the salves and lip balms are made with an infused herbal base oil. The products start with pure grapeseed oil and then are added with organic calendula, comfrey, plantain, chickweed, st. john's wort, burdock and thyme. The infusion process takes approximately 2 months which Ora's Amazing Herbal claims allows for the extraction of the healing components of the herbs into the oil for use. Ashley had a chance to review these products and here are her thoughts:

All Purpose Salve: The all purpose salve has an herb scent to it that is gentle and not over powering. The texture is similar to petroleum jelly in terms if texture, but it's much lighter when you apply it to your skin. When it's applied, it truly feels like the rejuvenating oil that is used by professional manicurists. I used the all purpose salve after I sat out in the sun for a couple hours. The sun can really dry out skin, like sunblock can too. After I took a shower, I applied the oil on my hands and arms then my chest, just as I do with lotion. The oil sealed in moisture for a couple if hours. Although my hands were initially a bit oily, the oil soaked in my skin pretty quickly. It was not greasy feeling and I really enjoyed the product and felt that it worked really well. Some people might not appreciate the herbal scent that the all purpose salve has, but there is also an unscented version of the all purpose salve that Ora's Amazing Herbal makes.

Lip balm: We were sent the unscented lip balm made by Ora's Amazing Herbal, which has a slight herbal scent. There are multiple different scents/flavors that you have the opportunity to chose from as well such as berry-lime, vanilla, earl grey, etc. The lip balm has a unique shape to help make a more ergonomic application to the lips. The unique shape is probably a little bit more just for marketing purposes, however I felt that the lip balm moisturized better than your regular lip balm as it lasted for a couple hours and I felt that it did a good job of putting moisture back in my lips. The one downside is that there is no sun protection in the lip balm, so it would not be ideal for long hikes in the exposed sun. Overall this is a great product that supplies extended moisture to your lips and is 100% all natural which makes it even better.

Body Powder: We were sent a set of the blissful earth body powder. Oral's Amazing Herbal Powders are all stated to be free of talc, grains, and anything synthetic. The powder was soft and smooth when applied to my skin. It made my hands feel like baby skin again. What better than having natural powder? Other powders can be processed with chemicals that can irritate the skin. This powder has a light lavender scent, which provided a nice relaxing scent and can even work as a deodorant! The powder is also a clear powder, once it's rubbed into my skin. It will not leave you with white smudges or streaks.

For more about Ora's Amazing Herbal and about their story click Here. The costs of the different products vary.  Lip balms cost $3.99 and can be bundled in a pack of three for $10.99.  The all purpose salves costs between $8.99–$18.99 depending on the size. The 2.5 ounce size of powder costs $10.99. There are also various gift packages.


  1. Hey there I love ur reviews so helpful so I wanna ask if u put the lip balm and after it wears off do ur lips feel dry? If u put it will it really moisturize ur lips so that u don't apply it every single day? I really have bad chapped lip it even bleeds so I'm searching for a really good lim balm if u put it once ur lips will be soft and supple the day after or so do this product does what I want or no ? ..thanks

  2. I use the lip balm - it really makes my lips soft, and they stay soft as long as I use it daily. Hope this helps!


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