Saturday, September 20, 2014

San Juan Loop Trail (Cleveland National Forest)

Recently, Ashley and I had the chance to hike the San Juan Loop Trail in the Cleveland National Forest. We were looking for a quick hike and this is a fun short hike that is not to far from most people in Orange County. It had been a long time since we hiked the San Juan Loop Trail and we were glad to be back hiking on this trail again. On this hike, we could really see how dry this year has been. This hiking trail usually has water even into the summer months/late fall and this year there was not a drop of water. As many of you will know, during the winter time this trail goes by a couple of waterfalls and a nice flowing stream. However given the record drought this year as seen by the picture below, there is no water in this area. Despite the visibility of the drought, the views and scenery on this hike were very spectacular as always. The one nice thing about this hike is there are sections with lots of shade. Ashley and I are hoping that we get a really good rainy season this year to make up for the record drought that Southern California is experiencing. Here are some pictures from our hike and if you would like to hike the San Juan Loop Trail in the Cleveland National Forest, make sure to check out our details trail write-up by clicking Here.

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