Friday, November 7, 2014

Nature Valley (Product Review)

Recently, Ashley and I were sent several different types of Granola Bars from Nature Valley to sample and test for our readers. We were not paid for our opinion, but to be completely transparent Ashley and I already have a favorable view on Nature Valley products and regularly bring Nature Valley granola bars with us on our hikes. Needless to say, we were not disappointed with the products we were given to sample and Ashley and I would gladly recommend each of them to our readers!!

As many of our readers are aware, Nature Valley brings great taste to active consumers looking for nutritious wholesome snacks.  The brand in general has a strong commitment to nature and the outdoors and their commitment to nature and the outdoors starts with real ingredients that come from nature. I have no doubt that most of our readers have seen their TV commercials and advertisements targeting outdoor activities. Bottom-line is Nature Valley is committed to the outdoors. Furthermore, Nature Valley has a dedicated blog set up to inspire you get outside and in the outdoors.

We were sent several of the Nature Valley Breakfast Biscuits: We were given the blueberry flavor to try, which both Ashley and I thoroughly enjoyed and would have no problem recommending! This was personally my favorite of the 4 because of the texture, taste and because there are 4 bars in one package. They are packaged in a convenient pouch with four biscuits and are ideal to take with you along any hike. Nature Valley Breakfast Biscuits combine a delicious crispy texture, and the goodness of 100% natural whole grain oats. They are packed with 26 grams pf whole grain per package. The breakfast biscuits are available in both Blueberry and Honey varieties. For nutritional information click Here.

We were sent several of the Nature Valley® Blueberry Soft Baked Oatmeal Squares: These were delicious as well! This is a newer line of products from Nature Valley and was only launched in June 2014. Nature Valley® Blueberry Soft Baked Oatmeal Squares offer real blueberries and 100% natural whole grain oats soft baked into a soft bar. The squares provide you with 16g of whole grains per serving. Nature Valley® Soft Baked Oatmeal Squares are also available in Cinnamon Brown Sugar and Peanut Butter varieties. These are a great afternoon snack for when you are on a hike. For nutritional information click Here.

We were sent several of the Nature Valley Coconut Almond Protein Bars: This one was Ashley's favorite.  It is a good hearty granola bar packed with roasted peanuts, almonds and toasted coconut flakes to create delicious chewy snack with a satisfying crunch that is packed with 10g of protein. This is the type of bar that is good to give you long sustaining energy on any hike. For nutritional information click Here. They also come in several different varieties such as peanut butter/dark chocolate, salted camel, peanut butter almond/dark chocolate, mixed berry Greek Yogurt, and strawberry Greek Yogurt.

We were sent Nature Valley Coconut Crunchy Granola Bars: Ashley and I enjoyed the coconut flavor of these crunchy granola bars. Ashley and I routinely carry this type of granolar bar with us while out on long hikes. We generally carry either the honey or peanut butter varieties. This particular bar combine 16g of whole grain oats with the delicious taste of toasted coconut and honey. Packed in two-bar pouches, Nature Valley Crunchy Granola Bars offer a crunchy, sweet taste you can take anywhere. 16g of whole grain per serving. At least 48g recommended daily. 

Variety is always important when bringing snacks and food with you while out hiking. Ashley and I look forward to mixing up our hikes with different types of Granola Bars from Nature Valley, because they sure offer a whole lot more than just your standard granola bar.  You can find Nature Valley products in almost any grocery store throughout the United States, the price point(s) on the Nature Valley products are reasonable, but do vary depending on location.

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