Saturday, December 13, 2014

Ecosox Bamboo Hiking Socks Giveaway

 This week, Ashley and I posted our review of the Bamboo Hiking Socks we were sent from the folks over at Ecosox. Ecosox makes great bamboo hiking socks. They sent us several pairs of their Breast Cancer Awareness Socks to review. They provided us with a couple of extra pairs of socks to do a giveaway for our readers!

Details on the Giveaway: There will be two winners in this giveaway and each winner will receive two pairs of Bamboo Hiking Socks. The Bamboo Hiking Socks can be a great gift for yourself or alternatively can make a great Christmas gift for the hiker in your family. Each winner will receive on pair of the Medium and Large size Bamboo Hiking Sock.  

How to Enter: There are two different ways to win! We will select one winner from our Facebook Page and one winner from the Comment Section of this Post. Each person can enter once on the Comment Section of this Post and can enter once on our Facebook Page
Comment Entry: Please leave one comment on this post telling Ashley and I your favorite hiking trail and why it is your favorite spot! Must leave your name in the post, anonymous posts will not be considered.
Facebook Entry: Please leave one comment on our Facebook Page telling us your favorite hiking adventure you had with a friend and TAG that friend in your post.
Because Ashley and I will be out of town this weekend in Los Angeles, the contest will stay open through the weekend and will close Monday, December 15, 2014 at 8:00 p.m. Pacific Time. Fine Print: Ashley and I make the final decision for this contest and there’s no appeal and the contest is open only to US Residents. Good Luck!!! We look forward to reading everyone's submissions!


  1. My favorite hike is the Mt. Whitney Main Trail (22 miles, round trip). The most exciting part and inspiration for me is that the trail goes all the way to the summit of the highest point in the contiguous United States. Completing this hike involves both physical and character testing.

    The alpine scenery is stunning, includes Outpost Camp, Guitar Lake, Consultation lake, Trail Crest along with the notorious icy chute. Whether its summer or a winter ascent, the hike/climb always remains to be attractive with breathtaking 360 degree vistas at different altitudes.

  2. It would be difficult to choose a favorite, but one hiking trail that is definitely on my favorites list, as well as most memorable, is the Holy Jim trail!
    I consider there to be 2 parts to it: From the first parking lot to the fire station parking lot and from the trail sign to the waterfall. The first on its own, if decided to walk along it, is wonderfully lush and shady! Exploring the river as you go adds a nice touch to the overall experience. The lush and shade would also apply to the second part of the trail, with the waterfall being a nice reward to see, whether or not it is in full swing or not! And to add on, it's also nice to see a bit of history along the trail, with the old station and what not.

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  4. My favorite hiking trail in Southern California is the hike to the top of Mt. Baldy via the Ski Hut Trail! Great views, great hike, and best of all it is close to home. Jim. S.

  5. I have always enjoyed the bridge to nowhere trail. Love it because of the fun hike and cool bridge. Amber Johnson

  6. My top hiking spot is the mist trail in Yosemite National Park on a very wet year when the waterfalls are going good. It is a beautiful hike and it is hard to beat.

  7. We love the Holy Jim hiking trail in South Orange County

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