Sunday, December 7, 2014

Ecosox Bamboo Hiking Socks (Product Review)

Recently, Ashley and I were sent several pairs of Bamboo socks from the folks over at Ecosox. Ecosox is the maker of bamboo hiking socks. They sent us several pairs of their Breast Cancer Awareness Socks, which raises money for a great cause. For each pair of socks sold, one dollar is donated to the Dayton Breast Cancer Foundation. Raising money to defeat cancer is a great endeavor!

Here is a little bit about Ecosox: Ecosox has over 100 different colors and styles of socks in production. They offer diabetic socks, compression socks, sport socks, hiking socks, and athletic tubes, all of which are made from bamboo. Bamboo socks help with moisture control, odor control, and help prevent blisters. Over 90% of Ecosox's products are made in the USA.  Ashley and I always enjoy it when we see American companies making their products right here in the United States.

Ashley's Review: Ecosox Bamboo "Hiker" socks: I tried out the size medium in the regular Bamboo sock (as opposed to the "Light" version). I wore these several times out on a local 3 mile trail and can definitely say that after I was done with my hikes, my feet felt great. The brand claims that the socks are designed for "a casual stroll through the woods or a multi-day backpacking adventure in the mountains." The socks are supposed to keep feet dry, odorless, supported, and the temperature regulated. Based on these four points, my 3-mile walks or hikes tend to cause my feet to sweat or get hot--as with any form of activity. I loved that the socks did what they said they would do. My feet were supported and cushioned during my hikes, which is nice because of the big arch in my foot. I loved that the socks didn't have an odor after because they wicked moisture away (I secretly used them twice in a row without that bad?). The most important thing for me was the regulation of temperature. I hate having the feeling like my feet cannot breathe. Often times, I can't wait to take off my hiking shoes and slip into my flip flops right after because my feet are so hot. I loved that these socks kept my feet cool. It helped my overall temperature too because my body wasn't trapping in as much heat--compared to say wearing Ugg Boots with heavy socks, it's meant to insulate heat so you stay warm. I felt comfortable while wearing theses socks. I also didn't get any blisters, but I think that's also because my shoes were broken in. I will have to test these out on some new shoes. :) Aside from that, I liked that the socks could be rolled up or down, depending on how much of your leg you want covered. The socks are also a nice neutral shade, so for fashionistas that need to match, problem solved!

Ecosox Bamboo "LIGHT Hiker" socks: Honestly, I can't tell much of a difference between the two socks. I wore this pair on the same 3 miles hike a couple of times and found the same to be true as far a the claims this brand makes about their socks--that's a good thing! They are definitely consistent. The only difference on the packaging is the word "Light." I notice a SLIGHT difference, and I mean slight. The lighter sock is a tad softer than the thicker pair. But I would wear either one for a small or large hike and be fine. They work the same way as the regular socks, as far as regulating temperature and moisture wicking goes. They had no odor. I can roll the socks up or down. Comfort is #1 for me, and these socks surpassed! Plus, who doesn't want something more eco friendly? They are made out of bamboo!

Brian's Review: I had the chance to wear a pair of the Ecosox Light Hiker, size large which fit a shoe size 10 to 13. The socks were extremely comfortable and provided great moisture control in my opinion. I tested the socks out on our local 3 mile trial as well. The socks are perfectly form fitting and did not slide, which was great. I am proud of Ecosox for donating a portion of the proceeds from their profits to fight Breast Cancer, but my one suggestion is for this line they create a couple of socks without the pink, since that is probably not a color that most men will wear. They should keep the packaging the same pink design, for the consumer to know a portion of their purchase is going to a good cause, but provide other color options for this line of socks. I will update my review after Ashley and I get a chance to do a really long hike in these socks, to further test their durability. The pricing point on the Ecosox is comparable to other high end hiking socks and you can get a pair for between 5 and 9 dollars depending on the type. These truly are extremely soft socks that "feel" very good to the skin and I would have no trouble recommending them. For a sizing chart, click Here. You can find these socks on Amazon or at the Ecosox Store.


  1. I LOVE these sox. I used to wear lite wool but the first time I wore these they stole my feet. I hike 3 to 6 miles a day and have also worn the sox more than once without washing. On a long hike I washed them in an icy stream on a 70 degree day and they were dry within the hour. Also love that this product is made in America. They are now my only hiking sox!

  2. I tested the "light hiker ecosox" on a 125 mile PCT hike and threw them away at the first garbage can I came to. They never dried out even when hanging on the outside of my pack in the hot August sun. I had read these reviews and believed them but was very disappointed with their actual performance on the trail.

    1. Anonymous, your experience is completely 180 degrees from other post. Viscose from Bamboo retains 60% less moisture than cotton. If not satisfied, you could have gotten your money back.


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