Saturday, July 9, 2011

WrightSock Merino Trail Sock Review

Recently, the folks at WrightSock sent us some socks to try on the trail. Ashley and I had a chance to try their Merino Trail socks, we gave them extremely high marks. They are great socks to use when hiking as they have an anti-blister system that works exceptionally well. You can find these socks from Online Dealers or in stores like REI. Click Here to find a store near you that sells WrightSocks. You can also purchase the socks through WrightSock's website. The Merino Trail socks are perfect for short and long hikes as well as for backpacking.

General Information from the Manufacture: Here is some general information about the Merino Trail Socks. They have a reinforced foot bed for added durability and resiliency, a Stabilizer Zone™ to help lock the sock in place, and Mesh Panel for breathability. Here is the information on their Fiber Content: Inner Layer: 70% Dri-WRIGHT ™ Polyester and 30% Nylon; the Outer Layer: 72% Merino Wool, 24% Nylon, 4% Lycra®. They some in the following sizes: S, M, L, XL. Made in the USA.

Ashley's Review: What was I thinking wearing cheap running socks while hiking the last four years?  All that mattered to me was how cheap they were, after all, they were just "socks."  Well, after I experienced the softest, coolest, non-slip socks that save your feet from blisters, I am going to purchase socks more carefully.  It is no longer about what is cheap--you definitely get what you pay for.  I recently tried WrightSock's Merino Trail socks.  WOW.  The first words I uttered to Brian after I put these on my feet were, "Does this exact material come in a blanket?"  The pair of socks were so soft, and light weight.  The double layer helps my feet breathe, and keeps my feet dry--all the while keeping blisters AWAY.  The double layer also provided good arch support for my feet.  I enjoyed hiking up and down hills without my feet sliding backward and forward.  These socks held my feet in place, unlike cheap running socks that move everywhere and give you poor stability.  I know I was sweating on my feet because my whole body was sweating, but I never actually felt the sweat on my feet or moisture because the socks wicked away any wetness.  Additionally, the socks never scrunched down in my shoes--they stayed up above my ankles the entire time.  I am never using running socks on a hike again--WrightSock is my sock from now on!  (Hopefully they will make camping blankets someday in the same material as the Merino TRL socks!)

Brian's Review: Ashley and I tested out the Merino Trail Socks on a hike in Whiting Ranch Wilderness Park. I have used normal merino socks as well as normal cotton socks on hikes in the past. These Merino Trail Socks, with their double layer anti blister system were the most comfortable socks I have ever worn on a trail. They were very soft and breathable. They wicked moisture away from my foot the whole hike. They performed much better than any other sock I have worn in the past. Another thing that I notice was the fact that the socks did not move or slide down during the hike we tested them on. The hike had some hilly sections, but they stayed in place like they were supposed to! I would highly recommend a pair of them and there price is very comparable to other high end socks. 

Below Images are from the WrightSock Merino Trail Page.


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