Wednesday, September 14, 2011

WrightSock CoolMesh II Sock Review

Recently, the folks at WrightSock sent us some socks to try on the trail. Ashley and I had a chance to try their CoolMesh II Socks, which we gave high marks. We had the chance to test them on our recent Tideland Trail hike as well as our Cox Mountain Trail hike in the Eno River State Park. The CoolMesh II Socks are great lightweight socks to use when hiking and they have an anti-blister system that works exceptionally well. Click Here to find a store near you that sells WrightSocks. You can also purchase the socks through WrightSock's Website. They are perfect for short hikes, long hikes, backpacking, workouts and general wear.

General Information from the Manufacture: Here, is some general information about the CoolMesh II Socks. They have Dri-WRIGHT II™, a Stabilizer Zone™ to help lock the sock in place, and a mesh panel for breathability. Here is the fiber content of the sock: Inner Layer: 70% Dri-WRIGHT II™ Polyester, 27% Nylon, 3% Lycra®. Outer Layer: 71% Dri-WRIGHT II™ Polyester, 22% Nylon, 7% Lycra®. The socks come in the following sizes: S, M, L, XL. Additionally, the socks come in a number of colors and different styles.

Ashley' Review: This lightweight sock is definitely one to purchase whether you run, hike, walk, or wear to bed! It is so soft, and lightweight. I had no blisters after hiking in them on our hikes, and today I ran 3.1 miles around Lake Mission Viejo in them. They were friction-free, they never caused my feet to slide around in my shoe, and my feet were not not sweaty when I removed my sock because the socks wicked the sweat. They are supportive in the arch, cushioned--much like the other WrightSocks I've tried. One thing I love about these socks is the double layer--like the other socks I've tried as well--they make the sock so much more comfortable. The double layer completely protected my feet from blisters. Honestly, this brand of sock is the best I've ever worn, I cannot say enough good things about WrightSock. They look good, feel awesome, and leave me pain-free. I used to buy my socks for hiking at Target, or got whatever was the cheapest wool sock, but I now see the value in investing in a good pair of socks like WrightSock. They are socks for optimum performance.

Brian's Review: I had the opportunity to try these socks on more than just the two hikes listed above. I really enjoyed these socks as they are lightweight and still have the double layer anti-blister system. I found that they are great at wicking moisture away from your foot. The best thing about these socks was that they stayed in place during the hikes and did not slide around. In addition to being the type of socks that you can use on a long hike, they also have the feel of a sock that you would wear just around the house. The CoolMesh II Socks are very versatile and I would recommend them to others. Overall, I have been extremely impressed with how the WrightSock brand has performed. You could not go wrong with one of their socks. Additionally, the price of the CoolMesh II Sock is comparable with other high end socks.


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