Saturday, September 3, 2011

WrightSock Cushioned DLX Sock Review

Recently, the folks at WrightSock sent us some socks to try on the trail. Ashley and I had a chance to try their Cushioned DLX Sock's on one of our recent hikes. Ashley and I tested the Cushioned DLX Sock's on our recent San Gorgonio hikes via the Vivian Creek Trail. We both gave these cushioned socks high marks. Click Here to find a store near you that sells WrightSocks. You can also purchase the socks through WrightSock's Website. The Cushioned DLX Socks are good for both short and long hikes, backpacking, and anywhere that you expect rocky conditions that you might want a little extra cushion.

General Information from the Manufacture: The Cushioned DLX provides a light amount of cushion from heel to toe for added comfort. It has a Stabilizer Zone™ to help lock the sock in place, a Mesh Panel for breathability, and Improved moisture management. The information about the Fiber Content is as follows: Inner Layer: 66% Dri-WRIGHT II™ Polyester, 30% Nylon, 4% Lycra®; Outer Layer: 68% Dri-WRIGHT II™ Polyester, 24% Nylon, 8% Lycra®. The sock comes in the follow sizes: S, M, L, XL.

Ashley's Review: I used these socks on a 16 mile hike to the top of Mt. San Gorgonio (Southern California's tallest mountain at 11,502 feet). Ordinarily, I normally use a Dr. Scholl insert to provide padding for my feet on a hike as rocky as this one. I am happy to say these cushioned socks performed great on the Mt. San Gorgonio hike. Not one blister, no sliding in my shoe, moisture wicking, and most of all fully padded! So much support and cushion. Though the socks are more thick than previous ones I tested, it was necessary as they provide added cushion. The socks still breathed and my feet were not too insulated. I had the best support and I look forward to using these socks on Mt. Whitney.

Brian's Review: I enjoyed the feel of these socks and tested them out on our Mt San Gorgonio hike, which is a strenuous hike in our local mountains. These socks had excellent cushion to deal with the rocky terrain that we encountered high on the mountain. My feet breathed well in the sock and the double layer anti-blister system worked great as I had no blisters after this hike. Best of all the socks stayed in place during all 16 miles of the hike, the stabilizer zone really makes it so the socks don't slide around. Overall, I have been extremely impressed with how the WrightSock brand has performed. Additionally, the price of the Cushioned DLX Sock is comparable with other high end socks. These socks are perfect for when you want a little extra cushion on a hike.


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