Saturday, September 3, 2011

WrightSock SLX Sock Review

Recently, the folks at WrightSock sent us some socks to try on the trail. Ashley and I had a chance to try their SLX socks on our recent hike to Cucamonga Peak. We found that they were great socks for hiking and were very comfortable. You can find these socks in stores like REI. You can also purchase these socks through WrightSock's website. The SLX socks are perfect for short and long hikes as well as for backpacking.

General Information from the Manufacture: The SLX Sock has a dense terry cushion in key stress zones that provides exceptional comfort and shock absorption, a Seam Free technology that eliminates irritation, a Y Heel that promotes an anatomically correct fit, a Stabilizer Zone™ that enhances performance fit, and a Venting Channel that provides added breathability. The Fiber Content for the SLX Sock is as follows: 78% Dri-WRIGHT II™ Polyester, 16% Nylon, and 6% Lycra®. It comes in the following sizes: S, M, L, XL.

Ashley's Review: These socks are so soft and were great at wicking moisture away from my feet. They kept my feet cool on our hike and they had great arch support. Even though this was a longer hike at 12 miles roundtrip, the socks performed great and I had no blisters. Also, I love ankle socks because it prevents that awkward tan line, so these socks were perfect. These socks never scrunched down into my shoes, they stayed up above my ankles the entire time. Wrightsock makes a great sock!

Brian's Review: I really enjoyed the SLX Socks as they performed well on the 12 mile hike to Cucamonga Peak that Ashley and I did. They were very comfortable and breathed extremely well. The best feature of this sock and of all the Wrightsocks that we have tried is that they stayed in place and did not move during the hike. It is important for a hikers socks not get out of position during a hike, because that increases the risk of blisters and problems. These socks stayed in place and my feet were comfortable the whole hike. These socks are great for short or long hikes in addition to workouts and general wear as I have worn them several times while not hiking. Overall, I have been very impressed with how the WrightSock brand has performed. Additionally, the price is comparable with other high end socks.


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